About 5 Star Capital Investment Group

Our mission is to provide best-in-class capital preservation and growth opportunities via superior asset management and ownership of competitive multi-family communities in emerging U.S. markets.

5 Star Capital Investment Group, LLC is a Wyoming-based company with offices in Romeoville, IL, and Enterprise, MS. The partnership was formed in 2021. The company's primary objective is to take a conservative approach to acquire multi-family and commercial properties, for cash flow and equity appreciation, from motivated sellers in markets with a predictable path of progress. These markets have specific growth trends we consider drivers for success, such as employment growth, household formation, and rental rates, to name a few, that provide better returns for our investors in a safer economic environment.

We have chosen to begin our journey in the Midwest, Southwest, and Southeast markets, with a goal to expand into additional emerging markets across the nation in the near future. We will be using modern methods to buy and sell real estate of ~50 - 200 units without the inherent pitfalls normally associated with such transactions.

We target properties with value-add opportunities in these emerging markets. We establish solid relationships with teams of key players in the industry in each of our target markets, ensuring our "boots on the ground" are people that we trust and have a solid knowledge of multifamily investing and experience in the local market to support our efforts.

We can say without hesitation that we are very confident in our ability to achieve the highest levels of success in this real estate venture. We place a strong focus on minimizing risk by carefully analyzing each new investment, using a proven formula that must meet a strict criterion for Cash on Cash Return, and establishing appropriate exit strategies safeguarding ourselves and our investors.

In order to better understand and evaluate our abilities to both structure and oversee the successful conclusion of commercial real estate investment projects, we would like to acquaint you more fully with our business qualifications and professional acumen reflecting well over three decades of professional experience.

Fernanda Hamlin

Cell: (630) 360-5934
Email: [email protected]

Fernanda’s story begins when she found a love for real estate investing by watching late-night infomercials of Carleton Sheets in the early 90s. The desire to become a real estate investor was re-ignited in the early 2000s when she attended a Trump University real estate investing event in Chicago. This is where she would be introduced to the magic of multifamily investing and Dave Lindahl’s RE Mentor program.

It took her two degrees and two decades of working in a corporate environment to realize it was time to shift her attention and efforts to go after her dreams of creating a real estate business and legacy for her family.


Fernanda currently works as a full-time Project Manager in the telecommunications industry, managing large-scale projects related to network integration, network expansion, 911 emergency services, and new product launches. With over 35 years of customer service experience, 18 years of consulting/project management experience, and 5 years of mortgage loan underwriting experience, Fernanda has been able to reduce operational costs, for her employers, in excess of $50 million over a 15-year period utilizing her business analysis and project management skills and training. She has successfully launched multiple strategic projects driving new revenue into the business, allowing the organization to grow to the top of its industry.
Fernanda graduated from DeVry University with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management and holds a Master of Science Degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Fernanda has held her PMP (Project Management Professional) certification since 2013. All her skills and experience make Fernanda a perfect fit for the role she will play in the success of each investment opportunity.

5 Star Capital Investment Group

Odell Ward

Cell: (601) 259-8806
Email: [email protected]

Odell Ward has always taken a liking to real estate investing and development. In 1998, he was invited to a real estate investment group meeting in Jackson, MS. During that meeting, Odell heard presentations from current real estate investors. They were discussing the many opportunities available in single-family residential houses. The investors discussed how much freedom could be attained through the process of flipping and renting just one house per month. The investors were also talking about how they were helping families and revitalizing the neighborhoods at the same time. Odell knew then that he wanted to get involved in real estate investing.

In Odell’s research and studies to become more educated in the real estate business, he ran across a book by David Lindahl titled “Multi-Family Millions.” In this book, Odell learned about the economies of scale to magnify your income and return on investments. He also saw this as an opportunity to revitalize his local community. This is where Odell began to make the transition from single-family residential investing to multi-family commercial real estate investing.


Odell is an Operational Manager with UPS, where he has been employed for more than 29 years. He is responsible for the leadership, training, safety and compliance, and performance of more than 100 employees. He is also responsible for managing an operational budget of more than one million dollars ($1,000,000) a month at UPS. Odell has over 14 years of management and operational experience with UPS. During his 14 years of management, Odell has managed six UPS facilities in Mississippi, totaling more than 500 employees. Through UPS, Odell has attended and completed many hands-on training and workshops on leadership, safety and compliance, and operational management.

Armed with superb training and one-on-one coaching through the REMentor program created by David Lindahl, a well-known nationwide leading expert in multi-family and commercial investments, as well as a plethora of other programs, the knowledge and support of our sponsors, mentors/coaches, external team members, and partners, we have built a solid foundation for our business.

We all strongly believe in the importance of educating oneself in order to master any craft. We feel it is important for anyone involved with our team to understand the broad scope of knowledge and experience, related and unrelated to the real estate industry, we bring to the table. Our goal is to bring value to the communities we invest in. We are committed to future success and are confident that every investment we embark upon will be as successful as possible.